on launching Virtual Power Plant Program in TIMIS (ROMANIA)

The following survey was prepared as part of the ProPil project, co-funded by EIT’s Climate-KIC. The aim of the project is to start the operation of a Virtual Power Plant Program (VPPP) in Romania. The VPPP merit and award scheme helps companies have their energy efficiency investments visualized and recognized towards partners and media.

Filling in the survey is voluntary and anonymous and takes no more than 2 minutes.

We do not ask for personal data, only statistical facts. Information provided is to be used for collecting market information in the ProPil project, hence, to tailor the Virtual Power Plant Program for local needs.

The final deadline for submitting is 23 April 2019.

Please answer the following questions to help us assess the local market context and better shape the profile of the program. Thank you for your contribution!

Contact information
General Information
2. What is the size of your company? *
3. How many employees work at your company? *
4. In which sector does your company operate? *
5. How much energy do you consume per year (including gas, electricity and heat)? *
6. Is the price of energy an important element of your cost structure? *
Past projects
7. Have you invested in energy efficiency or renewable energy projects in the last 5 years? *
8. Have you used external finance (grants) for these projects? If yes, what source? *
9. Have you used external expertise for these projects? *
Ongoing activities and future plans
10. Do you plan energy efficiency or renewable energy investments in the next 2 years? *
11. Do you plan to use external expertise for energy projects? *
12. Do you have an energy strategy or energy quality assurance in place in your company? *
13. Are you committed to monitor your energy costs and energy efficiency indicators? *
Energy and climate consciousness
14. Do your customers/partners/stakeholders and employees value climate friendly companies? *
15. Do you think you would be more motivated to invest in energy efficiency or renewable energy if an awarding scheme would exist to help visualize and recognise your results? *
16. Would you be open to learn more about an internationally recognised programme (VPPP, one of the top 3 energy efficiency programmes in Europe) to foster, motivate and recognise energy efficiency, renewable energy, climate change mitigation and overall sustainability measures? *