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Energy Conscious Company award


The Energy Conscious Company Title can be given to any applicants, who:

  1. registered at the application portal,

  2. completed the self-assessment questionnaire,

  3. have indicated that they are open to development and are willing to make a voluntary commitment for the future,

  4. their commitment was agreed (optionally with the expert authorized by the VPPP) and recorded in a jointly signed document,

  5. their commitments are published for the broad public on their website,

  6. re-complete the self-assessment after 1 year has passed and compare the progress to the baseline (optionally with the help of an expert authorized by the VPPP) and share their experiences in the form of "Success Stories" in the Knowledge Base of the Program.

self-assessment questionnaire

Organizational data
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Contact details
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Tender data
Annual total energy consumption (GWh) *
Please indicate your electricity and gas consumption. To convert gas consumption to GWh, please note the calorific value of your national statistics office, according to which 1 m3 of natural gas has an average value of Please indicate your electricity and gas consumption. To convert gas consumption to GWh, please note the calorific value of your national statistics office, according to which 1 m3 of natural gas has an average value of 37MJ or 9.44 kWh (source: Romanian National Institute of Statistics)
1. Incorporating energy efficiency into the organization's management system
1.1 Energy Efficiency appears as a factor for competitiveness and efficiency in the corporate strategy *
1.2 The organization has a certified energy management system in accordance with an international standard (e.g. EN 16001, ISO 50001) *
1.3 In the corporate culture and driving practice, energy efficiency is not a unique cost reduction action but a commitment to continuous development *
1.4 In the job description of a member of the top management, the powers and responsibility for managing energy efficiency have been declared *
1.5 There is a designated energy manager in the organization whose recognition ("bonus"=motivation system) is tied to energy efficiency results *
1.6 Theres is a so-called Energy Efficiency Working Group consisting of internal or external experts, monitoring energy efficiency from all organizational aspects *
1.7 At the annual personal performance evaluation of the members of the Energy Efficiency Working Group, the energy manager's assessment and the energy efficiency results achieved will be taken into account *
1.8 The energy manager can directly forward to top managers the obstacles to energy efficiency and receives their help to overcome these obstacles *
2. Evidence-based decision making in energy management
2.1 The company is able to measure energy consumption at each cost center (e.g. departments) *
2.2 The measuring devices are regularly checked and maintained (e.g. energy meters) *
2.3 The company has an energy management system capable of processing and evaluating measured data *
2.4 Is the energy management system data integrated into company management information system? *
2.5 Compared with the monthly report for management (as part of the general corporate report or as a separate energy report), the projected energy efficiency targets and current results are compared and predict the expected annual financial impact *
2.6 In addition to the monthly report, historical energy consumption and energy efficiency data can be accessed in a similar structure and timeline format *
2.7 The monthly energy efficiency report is available for all levels of the organization, adapting to the needs of the users
2.8 Our company has simplified energy audit accomplished (energy bills, small investments from contracts, and uncompromised energy efficiency proposals) *
2.9 Our company has simplified energy audit accomplished (energy bills, small investments from contracts, and uncompromised energy efficiency proposals) *
2.10 The organization has the statutory building energy certificate *
3. Aims and action plans
3.1 Objectives are based on baseline values and the potentials revealed *
3.2 The organization's objectives are to increase the share of renewable energy used *
3.3 Goals for each cost center are broken down by involving the Energy Efficiency Working Group *
3.4 Energy Efficiency targets are designated by the Energy Performance Indicators (eg, kWh / m2 / person or other specific indicators) related to the activity of the given cost center *
3.5 The objectives are in accordance with the "S.M.A.R.T." (specific, measurable, ambitious, realistic, time-bound) *
3.6 Energy efficiency objectives can not be changed between two review periods *
3.7 Action plans for objective energy efficiency goals are adopted *
3.8 In the ranking of the action plans calculation of ROI also base roll *
3.9 Target values are regularly reviewed (annually) by top management *
3.10 Energy efficiency improvement action plans are regularly reviewed, evaluated and updated *
3.11 The efficiency of the target system and the success of the implementation of the action plans are reviewed periodically at enterprise level *
4. Provide adequate resources
4.1 The organization provides an adequate level of resources for the Energy Manager and Energy Efficiency Working Group *
4.2 The organization plans and provides the resources needed to implement the projects included in the action plan *
4.3 The organization continuously develops itselfs and develops its human resources in line with energy efficiency targets *
4.4 The Energy Manager(s) of the organization receives continuous external professional training *
4.5 The organization continuously motivates its employees, enhances their awareness of achieving energy efficiency goals *
5. Quantify and Demonstrate Results
5.1 The organization demonstrates proven and quantified savings on a project basis and deposits them in the Virtual Power Plan Program (VPPP) *
5.2 The organization quantifies all its expenditures and benefits of its energy efficiency development activity and reviews it annually *
5.3 The organization documents its energy efficiency development activities as "success reports" *
5.4 Sharing the results of the organization's energy efficiency improvement with its employees, suppliers, partners *
5.5 Recognition of employees involved in energy efficiency development activities is presented to the entire organization *
5.6 External recognition of the organization's energy efficiency improvements and performance *
5.7 Analysing the energy efficiency results of the organization by benchmarking and comparing national and international best practices *
As part of their engagement, the winners of the Energy Conscious Company are obliged to publish a short summary of their commitments and the receipt of the award on their website as a news, blog post or static website, which should show the link as the source. Appearance must be publicly available within 30 days of receipt of the award. The awardee company upon completion of the task shall notify MI6 Ltd. by email to the following account:
Please fill out your commitments related to the Energy Conscious Company award. Please note, that undertaking at least one is mandatory. Please show your commitment, in connection with the current situation, and which point of the self-assessment questionnaire is it situated in.
Please be advised that after winning the award, the fulfilment of your commitments may be verified by the Accredited Auditors of the Hungarian Innovation and Efficiency (MI6) Non-profit Ltd. - Virtual Power Plant Programme, until no later than 13 months.
I got to know and accept the following documents: *
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