a European Commission award winning


The Hungarian Innovation and Efficiency Nonprofit Ltd. (abbreviated in Hungarian as MI6) is a determinant player in Hungarian energy efficiency and green energy related policy support. In recent yours MI6 expanded its activities abroad and is well acknowledged by international partners and the European Commission.

The Virtual Power Plant - as all power plants - build up from blocks: it has a company, a student and school, a municipality and and international block. The performance of the blocks are measured via the success of awareness raising at that target group and its tangible results: energy savings.



  • The Virtual Power Plant Programme (VPPP) built up the 6th largest power plant in Hungary (made of invisble bricks of energy savings) collecting 336MW (cca. 2.5TWh) in energysavings.

  • VPPP carried out a total of EUR 10+ million projects in policy support to government on energy efficiency and renewable energy.

  • VPPP Advisory Board is composed of significant players from governmen, industry, education and non-profits.

  • VPPP has acquired 8,500+ company partners since 2011

  • VPPP operates its own company merit scheme since 2011 with more than 200 award winners.

  • In 2015, VPPP was ranked among the top 3 programmes in the European Commission Sustainable Energy Award competition.

  • Designed and enhanced the EDIOP-4 ERDF scheme on the energy efficiency improvement and renewable energy investment of SMEs (budget: EUR 270 million)

HOW it works?


STUDENT and school successes

MI6 launched its student and school programmes in 2015 to raise awareness of future generations. 

  • From 2015 it offered a newly built passive house, an energy efficiency demo house for students and broad public.

  • Our passive house is an attractive venue of international study tours and local 'green' events.

  • In 2016 we launched our Energy Conscious School Programme which attracted thousands of students to our passive house physically and virtually (via an e-learning education package).

  • Schools participating in the programme were also provided with LED lighting.

  • In 2016 we launched with the Ministry of Human Resources an awareness programme that reached 350,000 students.

  • In 2017 we exclusively provided educational programme for secondary schools as part of the Sustainability Thematic Week.

  • In 2017 we posted a scheme on Student Energy Efficiency Manager of the Year.



  • From 2017, we have built county-level climate change mitigation strategies in partnership with the Association of Climate Friendly Settlements in three counties of Hungary.

  • From 2017 we have create 70+ SEAPs/SECAPs (Sustainable Energy (and Climate) Action Plans) in many settlements across Hungary.


INternational successes

  • International projects in Climate KIC

  • In 2016 we started our cooperation with an international consortium of six countries (Italy, Portugal, Lithuania, UK, Romania and Hungary) in the LOCARBO Interreg Europe project. Our objective is to improve policy instruments in energy efficiency at national and also EU level.

  • MI6 VPPP has started its international roll-out with. Localised operations are likely to start soon in the UK, Sweden and other countries.